Is Ghosting in the Workplace Worse Than Ghosting in Dating?

Is Ghosting in the Workplace Worse Than Ghosting in Dating?

This behavior has *nothing* to do with romance. 

By Jen Glantz
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Getting Ghosted Could Be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to You

By now, you’ve probably become all too familiar with the term ghosting. So much so that it’s entered your vocabulary, your thought process, and probably influenced your behavior, especially when it comes to dating.

Ghosting, also known as the process of completely disappearing as if you were the grand finale of a magic trick, is something done in dating when it just feels like the easy way out, over confessing you’re just not into that person anymore. 

Would you ever have imagined that ghosting was something that would infiltrate the workplace, too? Turns out it is the perfect word to describe some of the most headache-inducing behavior that’s done to us when we’re at our job or when we’re trying to get a new one. 

Here are three workplace ghosting scenarios that might just be more frustrating than ghosting in dating.  

Pitching New Business or Ideas

If you’ve ever left a meeting where you were either trying to sell a company on an idea or product, or you proposed something new to the team of people you work with, you’re immediately hoping for feedback on how it went. Did they love it or did they think it just wasn’t a good fit? That’s why when you get ghosted, meaning the company or the people in the room, never get back to you with a yes or a no, you may find yourself feeling like you’re about to explode. What’s worse is that you’ll send spread-out follow-up emails, leave voicemails, or even a LinkedIn message ... and still hear back nothing. This often even goes a step further and find yourself feeling upset to the next level when you see they read your email or message, and still didn’t respond.

After a Round of Job Interviews

Applying for a job can feel as nerve wrecking as apply to college felt. You’ll fill out long applications, sit in front of handfuls of people, and explain over and over why you’re a great fit for the role. But what makes the whole thing frustrating is when you just never hear back. Even for jobs that you made it to round 12 of the interview and you’ve followed up with your HR contact, you just might not ever hear back from them, always wondering if it was something you did or said. The same thing also happens in reverse (but less frequently) when someone actually gets a job offer ... and tries to string that company along with no response, while simply waiting and expecting something better to come along soon. 

During Big Deadlines

Perhaps one workplace situation that you wish ghosting would just completely end in, is when you’re working on a project and need answers, updates, or items from other people and they just don’t ever get back to you. This gets problematic because your reputation and your work is on the line and wont be completed on time because the people you need things from just magically disappeared from their phones, email, or maybe even their cubicle, when you suddenly need them there.

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