Kanye West Displays Normal Human Emotions During Appearance on Family Feud

Kanye West Displays Normal Human Emotions During Appearance on Family Feud

Jokes? Smiles? Who is this guy?

By Marianne Garvey

Kanye West on Celebrity Family Feud is kind of like when you hear about indoor skiing in Dubai — why is that there? But somehow it works.

The Kardashian edition of the show on Sunday made him look like a relatable human being with a full range of emotions: he smiled (with teeth!), he joked about Kim not wanting to lock the bedroom door and their kids barging in, and he had funny answers to the survey questions in the fast money round. What’s in a milkshake? “Milk.” (He did make his team wear Yeezy and speak in monotones, but still.)

The opposing team was a motley crew of Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner, Kris’ mom M.J., a rando cousin named Cici Bussey (who didn’t get the memo to wear all black everything and was in a grass green blazer), Kim’s BFF Jonathan Cheban (aka Foodgōd), and a very pregnant Khloe Kardashian (since t he show was filmed back in late February).

Anyway, a little background on how Kimye ended up on this circus of an episode. According to Kim, the two watch the show every night before bed and their dream of all dreams has been to compete in the Fast Money round. Since Kanye usually has a scowl on his face and is saying some insane stuff, it’s hard to imagine a nice all-American bedtime routine that involves game shows and laughter. Kanye in pajamas? Picture PLEASE.

It turns out, Family Feud is a real soft spot for the rapper, as he smiled and laughed the whole time, and it seemed really genuine and sweet.

Exhibit A:

He never flipped out, scowled, walked off set or acted like a sore loser. In other words, he didn't go all Kanye. He enthusiastically participated, laughed with his wife, and showed he generously had at least three members of his extended family on his payroll. Who was this man? Should we make him a permanent fixture on this show? Who knew Steve Harvey could soothe the beast?

Even when things turned political with Kendall cracking a joke about Kanye’s (possible) BFF, Donald Trump, he didn't bite. She answered Steve's question: “If you had a wild party and everybody’s naked, who is someone you would hate to see show up?” by naming the president. Even Kanye cracked a smile. Is this how Kim calms him down? Puts Family Feud on a loop in a special room in the house that only plays Family Feud? Does she pump the theme song into his ears at a very low volume while he sleeps? Whisper sweet nothings like "survey says!"

In the end, Kendall, Kris, Khloe, a tiny little M.J, the green-clad cousin, and Jonathan won — although they let Kimye play the Fast Money round. Dreams, remember?

And that’s when Kanye really got rolling. His eyes even twinkled, he was so happy.

“Kanye has a permanent smile on his face during this whole Family Feud episode,” Kim tweeted.

Twitter users were quick to notice his personality shift, with one writing: “Can we appreciate how beautiful @kanyewest smile is!! He was all smiles throughout the show."

Others gushed how cute he looked.

The Kardashian-West crew ended up donating $25,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Kanye in a good mood and charity work? That's a win-win.

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