Khloe Kardashian Has Sole Custody of Her Baby with Tristan Thompson ... For Now

Khloe Kardashian Has Sole Custody of Her Baby with Tristan Thompson ... For Now

The laws are already in place in case they split. 

By Marianne Garvey
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Maybe Khloe forgave Tristan Thompson, maybe she didn’t. Whatever the status of their relationship following his cheating scandal, she’s got sole custody of their baby daughter, True Thompson.

She gave birth to True on April 12 in Cleveland, Ohio, and according to Ohio’s child custody laws, Khloe currently has sole custody of her baby. According to Ohio law, if the parents are unmarried when the child is born, the mother has sole custody. The father must file with the court to establish paternity, custody/shared-parenting, and/or visitation rights, which would also make Tristan an equal legal guardian.

The law states:

"Under Ohio law, when it comes to child custody rights, an unmarried mother who gives birth to a child is automatically the sole residential parent and legal custodian of the child until a court makes a formal Court Order stating something else. This means that the unmarried mother does not need to file anything with anyone to legally establish the fact that she has sole custody of the child.  This also means  that until a Court legally “recognizes” the unmarried father as the child’s father, the father has no legally enforceable rights regarding the child, including but not limited to Parenting Time (Visitation). However, without obtaining some type of child support Order, whether it comes from the Child Support Enforcement Agency, or from a Court, the unmarried mother will not be able to force the father to provide her any type of support whatsoever."

If Khloe decides to hightail it back to Los Angeles, under California law, Ohio may have jurisdiction until she’s been in California for six months.

To be clear, as of today, Khloe has been granted sole legal and residential custody of her daughter upon birth. It’s up to her to decide how to go forward. She can keep sole custody, or encourage Tristan to file as a legal guardian and obtain equal rights.

Reports claimed the basketball star was in the delivery room with her, which may mean Khloe has forgiven him, but time will tell where she will decide to live.

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