No DM Left Unturned: Creepy Dudes Are Now Using LinkedIn to Ask Women out on Dates

No DM Left Unturned: Creepy Dudes Are Now Using LinkedIn to Ask Women out on Dates

Just a reminder: LinkedIn is for work, not for dating.

By Marianne Garvey
LinkedIn for dating

We all know LinkedIn is for professional networking, but now it's being used by some men to try to linkUP.

One woman was so annoyed after a man she didn’t know private messaged her on the professional networking site to hit on her, she shared it online (although she did not reveal his identity).

The woman, Hannah Ray, posted the message thread on Twitter with the caption: “No DM is sacred not even LinkedIn.”

"Would you be willing to relocate if the right opportunity came along?” the man wrote. She responded, “I’m not actively seeking out a new position at the moment. However, generally speaking, if the right job at the right time became available I would be open to relocation.”

But then he replied: “What about the right man? ;)”

Thousands of other women came forward to respond that they had also been dealing with creeps on the site. “UGGGH YES. I used to have my email address on my LinkedIn profile until I got this email. Gross,” one woman wrote, posting a screenshot of an email she had received from a man saying he wanted to date her.

Another woman posted her own creepy message: “So I never thought I’d use LinkedIn to introduce myself when not doing something for work, but hi I’m Jason!”

Nothing work-related there.

A few men also responded, suggesting other guys not use the platform as a dating site. “This is madness. LinkedIn is one place that people should not mention dating at all,” one guy wrote.

LinkedIn Help even replied, “Hi Hannah, thank you for speaking on this. It’s absolutely not acceptable to send inappropriate messages on LinkedIn … Report and block.”

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