This Mom Makes Visitors Who Come See Her New Baby Do Chores Around the House

This Mom Makes Visitors Who Come See Her New Baby Do Chores Around the House

You missed a spot. 

By Marianne Garvey

One U.K. mom has been getting mocked online (and probably in person) for forcing friends and family who visit her baby to do chores when they come over.

Say what?

Mumsnet user who goes by the name Frenchwolf86, wrote a list of 13 rules she expects all visitors to follow, which include changing clothes after smoking and doing housework. Housework? Yes, work around the house. Not your house. Her house. No thanks. Babies are cute, but not cute enough to vacuum your house you crazy lady.

The new mom asked strangers to determine if she was being unreasonable for asking people to contribute to the upkeep of her house in exchange for baby cuddles.

Some of her demands are actually reasonable, like no kissing on the mouth, guests washing hands every time they hold the baby and no visiting if they've recently been ill.

Mom also says that feeding time is private, the baby sleeps only in her crib and the baby needs privacy and cannot be posted about on social media.

Not so reasonable?

Chores. Cleaning up around the house. “If you hold the baby you will be asked to help around the flat after,” she writes. Is holding some rando baby really worth the time it takes to dust her bookshelves after? Or are we talking toilets here?

One commenter wrote: “Is this for real? I doubt you'll get any visitors at all if you issue that list of rules! Or is that the idea...? Ah, very clever OP. Keep the in-laws away, eh?”

“Haha this has made me smile! I don’t think you’ll have many visitors,” said another.

Other demands include no flash photography (sorry paparazzi) and “respecting the wishes of mummy and daddy.”

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