Mom Upsets Everyone When She Charges Other Parents to Attend Her Kids' Birthday Party

Mom Upsets Everyone When She Charges Other Parents to Attend Her Kids' Birthday Party

Or did she only upset a few people?

By Marianne Garvey

A single mother in Britain who is throwing a birthday party  for her twins is charging parents and their children to attend.

The mom appeared on England's Prima to say she has "changed the dynamics" of children's parties, and wants parents to pay to attend her twins party rather than bring a gift.

Not so bad.

Her five-year-old special needs boys, Shiyan and Kiyan, are having the party at a play center, where tickets for kids cost $13 each. The mom, Ruma, is asking for $7 towards the cost. The guests will also receive a $6 goodie bag. 

Ruma is also still in college, and says she doesn’t want unnecessary presents. Fellow parents at her kids’ school flipped out over being asked for cash and one anonymously criticized her on Facebook saying, “Outrageous and frankly appalling. If you have a child's party, you pay for that choice!”

"I spoke to the parents and said I'm organizing this party. I want to invite every child in the class — 60 children — they're in different classes."

"It's not that I can't afford it, I can. The parents said if you don't want presents please let us contribute. I said that's alright, contribute half,’” she says. “Out of the 60 it was one person, an anonymous person, who had a problem, and had this rant on social media. It's my way of doing it. It's a different way. I'm teaching my children they should contribute and not expect other people to pay for things."

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