Moms Raising Babies Can Now Add This "Job" to Their Resume During Work Gaps

Moms Raising Babies Can Now Add This "Job" to Their Resume During Work Gaps

This New York City-based company has moms in mind. 

By Marianne Garvey

One ad agency is trying to bring awareness to motherhood — and has invented a fictional company called The Pregnancy Pause, a “job” women can list on their résumés as their “employer” during the time they spend away from work raising kids.

The company even has a logo, website, and phone number.

The ad agency, Mother New York, whose clients include Target and Stella Artois, created the fake company to fill the résumé gap that results if moms choose to leave their careers for a bit to stay at home with their children. Studies have shown that a gap — even to raise a newborn — can harm or even ruin their chances of being hired when they apply for new jobs and explain the gap.

The creators of the “company” tell MarketWatch that women can even add The Pregnancy Pause as an employer on their LinkedIn profile. If potential employers were to call The Pregnancy Pause’s office number, they hear a friendly recorded message explaining that the job candidate they’re calling about “spent innumerable hours raising a child, which has surely offered her invaluable experience as a prospective employee...And remember, maternity leave is a full-time job.”

“New mothers in the U.S. often feel forced to leave their jobs without adequate maternity leave policies: 12 weeks unpaid leave. It's not enough,” says a description of PP’s site.

“This can leave moms with résumé ‘gaps’ once they begin looking for new jobs. Moms often avoid discussing the gap, which can have potential employers guessing and may cause qualified moms to be overlooked. Some studies have shown that mothers who explain these gaps clearly are less likely to be passed over for opportunities.”

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