If You Hate Your Friend's Significant Other, You're Not Alone

If You Hate Your Friend's Significant Other, You're Not Alone

A new survey finds that the vast majority of participants can't stand at least one of their friend’s partners.

By Marianne Garvey
Hate My Friend's Boyfriend Advice

A new survey that asked more than 1,500 people about their views on their friends’ partners found the vast majority disapproved of or disliked at least one of their friend’s significant others.

Ugh, Patrick Meagher, anyone? Just saying.

The results suggest roughly two in three people have disapproved of a friend’s significant other, and that men are more likely to feel disapproval toward a female friend’s partner than women are toward a male friend’s partner.

Female respondents tended to be more critical of their friend’s choice in significant others — around 69 percent said their friends had “poor taste” in romantic partners — but roughly 66 percent of overall respondents agreed with that statement.

So what are the red flags that friends are noticing — and how serious are they?

More than half of these respondents cited “controlling” behavior and an “unfavorable personality” as key issues. Many (42 percent) said their friend’s partner was “emotionally abusive.” Jealous tendencies, emotional neglect, unfaithfulness, mooching, and alcohol use were also fairly common complaints. Female significant others were more likely to be accused of codependency or jealousy than male S.O.s, while male significant others were more likely to be called emotionally abusive and dishonest.

When it comes to disliking a friend’s partner, some would say it’s best to be honest. But the survey found that only a small minority of friends — about 20 percent — have tried to break up a relationship they deemed troublesome. Men were more likely to attempt severing a female friend’s relationship. About 36 percent of breakup-intervention attempts were successful in the end.

Expressing disapproval of a friend’s relationship certainly comes with risk. The survey said that only about one in 10 friendships ended due to the disapproval of a significant other. Meanwhile, most respondents — around 90 percent — prefaced their concerns by saying they cared about a friend’s well-being, indicating this might be an effective talking point.

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