New Dating App Takes On Tinder To Get You Out Of The House And Actually Fall In Love

New Dating App Takes On Tinder To Get You Out Of The House And Actually Fall In Love

This company is trying to find you love, not just a hookup. 

By Marianne Garvey

A new app called “Invite and Meet” is an actual activity-based matchmaking app, which is aimed at getting you to do more than just swipe right.

Started in Miami, early data showed thousands of users were into doing activities instead of just hooking up (who knew?) — and the company plans to compete directly with Tinder, who recently announced a “Matches Up For” and “See You There” feature.

Invite and Meet works by partnering with Google and SeatGeek to pick local places and events where its users can meet up on a first date. They share their favorite restaurants, bars and activities before they agree to meet.

The app is alreday available on iOS (and will be available on Android in spring 2018). The company polled a few hundred millennials, with 78 percent saying they prefer to spend money on an experience than something material.
“It's time for people to stop chatting and start making real-life connections,” says Alexandre Lang-Willar, co-founder and Co-CEO of Invite and Meet.

In fact, a new study by LendEDU looked at how often people actually met the Tinder matches they’d been chatting with in real life, and found that Tinder has little success in fostering relationships.

Since 80 percent of Tinder users are millennials, and when the study asked “Have you ever met up with someone off Tinder?” 29.2 percent of users said that they have met up with someone through the app, 70.8 percent have not.

When asked, “Why do you use Tinder?” 22 percent of Tinder users said they were “looking for a hookup.” Just 4.16 percent were looking for an actual relationship. Nearly half, 44 percent, used it just to boost their confidence and find people that were attracted to their photo.

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