You Break Up ... Then Your Ex Is Suddenly Engaged to the Next Girl He Dates

You Break Up ... Then Your Ex Is Suddenly Engaged to the Next Girl He Dates

Is this love for Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande — or a rebound ... with a ring?

By Marianne Garvey

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are full speed ahead. The two — who began dating weeks ago — are reportedly engaged.

Although they’ve known each other since at least March 2016 when Ariana appeared on Saturday Night Live (where Pete is a cast member), there’s no word on whether they stayed in touch in the meantime. They made their relationship Instagram official in May ... not long after the singer split with rapper Mac Miller.

A source tells People (of Pete and Ariana), "They’re just two people who found love quickly and make each other happy all the time. They both started talking about it this past weekend. It’s nothing they’ve been hiding.”

But what happened to Cazzie David, the daughter of Larry David, who was Pete’s girlfriend for a few years until just weeks before Ariana?

Cazzie, creator of the mini-series Eighty-Sixed, is busy living it up in the Franschhoek Wine Valley in South Africa. She posted her adventure on Instagram, failing to mention her ex’s engagement.

"Came here a person, leaving a human bottle of wine," she joked on Monday.

Came here a person, leaving a human bottle of wine

A post shared by CAZZIE (@cazziedavid) on

Although reports say a wedding is way in the future for Pete and Ariana, why rush to get engaged? Both the comedian and the singer are 24 — and they’re also in the honeymoon phase of the relationship.

“Love is a tricky thing because we have lots of stories of people who ‘just knew’ that they were in love at first sight but rushing into anything can be a bad idea,” PhD, LCSW Liz Lasky says. “Some people rush into relationships because they are afraid to be alone, have low self-esteem, or may yearn for constant connection.”

Lasky says she often discusses rushed relationships with her clients a lot because it's important to make sure that someone is not simply filling a personal void, which usually ends up backfiring.

“While it may feel more difficult to take things slowly at first, many clients say this feels better in the long run,” she says.

Bravely, Pete has been open about mental illness, saying he suffers from bipolar disorder, and posted a note to social media about people linking his mental health to his new relationship.

“Normally I wouldn’t comment on something like this cause like f**k you. But I been hearing a lot of ‘people with bpd can’t be in relationships’ talk. I just wanna let you know that’s not true. Just because someone has a mental illness does not mean they can’t be happy and in a relationship. It also doesn’t mean that person makes the relationship toxic. Everybody is different and there are a lot of treatments for mental illnesses and I have done/am doing all of them. And I encourage those who struggle to seek help as well it has changed my life for the better…I just think it’s f**ked up to stigmatize people as crazy and say that they are unable to do stuff that anyone can do. It’s not their fault and it’s the wrong way for people to look at things.”

Lasky says that while of course you can live a normal life and engage in healthy relationships while dealing with mental health issues, some types of mental illness, such as mania and borderline personality disorder, can be the backbone of quick and intense relationships.

“Through therapy and sometimes medication, people who suffer from these disorders certainly have the potential for long-term and fulfilling relationships,” she adds.

But most likely, people who rush into relationships so quickly can sometimes be filling a void, “just as people may eat, drink or shop to fill an internal emptiness, the same can be said for relationships, sex, engagements, and marriages.”

The duo are currently celebrating their engagement at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., with the No Tears Left to Cry singer posting their date to her Instagram stories.

Relationship expert April Masini says that skipping the normal steps of a relationship causes you to lose out on the benefit of information about your partner and yourself.

"When you rush into a decision about marriage, without the information provided by a year of dating first, you’ve shortchanged your decision making ability," she says.

She decribes being in a "love coma," when the sex and romance is new and overwhelming. 

"When you’re making a decision about marriage — which has to do with sex and romance — but also about money, real estate, family and children — you should be super lucid. Love is grand, but marriage is about a lot more than love. It’s about compatibility regarding finances, family matters, lifestyle — and it’s hard to delve into those arenas when you’ve only been dating for a few weeks or months."

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