Want to Potty Train Your Kid in One Day? It'll Cost You $2,000

Want to Potty Train Your Kid in One Day? It'll Cost You $2,000

If we all got toys for pooping...

By Marianne Garvey

Nannies and baby nurses are already the norm in New York City — now you can hire someone to teach your kid to use the toilet, too.

NYC Potty Training Inc., the city’s first professional potty-training service, charges $2,000 for one day (yes, one day) of service to potty train your kid. It usually takes about nine hours. A consultation is a minimum of $200.

Founder Samantha Allen, who has spent more than a decade as an applied behavioral analysis teacher for children with special needs, specializes in potty training, and was often asked to do it on the side for parents who needed help.

She comes armed with toys and games to coax kids to the toilet, and back again. She also has a team of potty trainers who use her techniques.

NYC Potty Training advertises: “we will potty train your child in 1-2 days, and you can sit and watch, be totally involved in the process, or just come home from work to your toilet-trained tot!”

Allen tells Personal Space how she mastered training in less than a day.

“When adults are consistent, set clear expectations, stay calm, assume that kids can do things, and give children an opportunity to choose to use the potty, potty training can often be mastered in less than a day. It’s important to carve out a day to focus on only potty training and to continuously assess progress and challenges throughout the process to adjust the approach accordingly,” she says. “Accidents or resistance to potty training are not typically indicative of lack of readiness; identify the issue and provide the support a child needs without making the child feel forced or pressured and all children can be successful.”

And she says while many think that her company’s services are a form of outsourcing, they are experts helping the process go seamlessly the first time for the parent and the child, removing the guesswork and anxiety from the situation.

"We are experts helping the process go seamlessly the first time for the parent and the child ... providing support to families who have been struggling with the process, and helping parents maintain 100 percent focus on potty training through the process while also attending to other children that need attention at home, meals that need to be prepared, a doorbell that needs to be answered, etc. Our phone rings off the hook from families all over the world and we can get booked up to three to six months in advance so there are definitely a lot of people seeking this support. At the end of the one to two days families always share they’re so glad they worked with us because the strategies and tools we gave have helped with so much more than just Potty Training."

For many years, Allen provided ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and SEIT (Special Education) services, working on skills in all areas with children two to five years old, and during that time implemented the ABA protocol for toilet training, while also discovering other strategies that worked.

"I noticed that so many parents struggle with potty training and that there wasn’t this type of support out there for all families so NYC Potty Training was launched. Since then, it’s been the kids who have taught me much of what I know about potty training."

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