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The Top Reasons Why So Many People Seek a "Revenge Body" After a Breakup

Also, women are more likely to embrace getting fit post-split.

By Marianne Garvey

After getting out of a relationship, many of us want to dive under the covers and never come up for air.

But, some people use this time to make a big chance in their lives — in fact, a new study reports that 39 percent of women start to embrace a fit lifestyle after a devastating breakup.

“Women are more likely to workout for the emotional benefits (87 percent) than to make their ex jealous (35 percent),” reports the study, adding that after their exes saw them, nearly three in four women reported the ex was interested in reigniting the relationship. (54 percent credit this to their newfound confidence and not their newfound buttocks as the reason for this.)

Known as the "revenge body" — a fitness transformation following a breakup — Khloé Kardashian may not have coined the term, but she certainly brought it into the public consciousness following her breakup with Lamar Odom.

“According to psychologists, many of us turn to fitness when our lives are in free fall: Still reeling from an ex's rejection, we embrace working out as a welcome form of control. Others find that exercise alleviates the negative feelings that arise when a relationship ends; looking great is just an added bonus,” says the study.

But what is it that drives individuals to stick to the gym after a breakup?

"Women's goals differed substantially from those of men: Whereas men were nearly split between gaining muscle and losing weight, the majority of women sought the latter. Our respondents boasted pretty impressive results, losing 25 pounds on average if they intended to lose weight, or adding 11 pounds if their goal was to gain it,” reports the study. “Men and women cited feeling better both emotionally and physically as the top reasons for adopting new workout regimens. Still, a significant portion admitted their exercise stemmed from intentions that were less than pure. More than a third of women said their post-breakup exercise related to their desire to make an ex feel jealous. Men, meanwhile, were more often focused on finding a romantic replacement: 36 percent said they embarked on a new fitness routine to attract a new partner more quickly.”

If breakups occurred for a range of reasons, what prompted the most weight loss among respondents? “For women, infidelity seemed to provide the ultimate inspiration: On average, women lost 32 pounds when their relationship ended because a partner cheated. Of course, some of that weight loss could be cause for concern: Researchers note that people whose partners' cheat sometimes display unhealthy physiological responses, including a loss of appetite. Conversely, breakups related to money issues correlated with the greatest weight loss among men — 43 pounds on average.”

Men and women whose partners had dumped them were more likely to identify as "unconfident" than "confident."

“Whoever initiates the breakup, however, it seems exercise can help in moving on. Ninety percent of respondents said working out made them feel better in the wake of a breakup, a powerful testament to the endorphin-releasing properties of exercise.”

Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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