This 4-Year-Old Girl Beat Cancer — Then Became a Superhero in a New Children's Book

This 4-Year-Old Girl Beat Cancer — Then Became a Superhero in a New Children's Book

Super Satya Saves the Day is set in Hoboken, NJ.

By Marianne Garvey

Raakhee Mirchandani, mom and Dow Jones editor, had some dark days after the birth of her daughter, Satya Singh, now 4. Shortly after she was born, she was diagnosed with cancer, happy news is she beat it and is now the inspiration behind Super Satya, a female Indian superhero in a new children’s book, Super Satya Saves the Day

Written by Raakhee (with Satya's help), the book was to published by Bharat Babies, and is set in Hoboken, NJ. We follow Satya around after she realizes her “cape” is stuck at the dry cleaners and realizes over the course of the day her powers actually come from within. Yay! She’s described as an “everyday superhero” who is “ready to have a super day, including conquering the tallest slide in Hoboken." 

The book is expected to be the first in a series. 
Personal Space asked Satya a few questions about being a superhero, and here's what she said. (Side note: The kid is hysterical.) 

Personal Space: What can people do when they aren’t having a super day?
Satya Singh: “Go to a kindness rock garden, pick up one rock or a shell and hug it.”
Ok. Sounds good, thanks for the advice. Continuing on.
PS: We hear you are now helping other kids with cancer.
SS: “I want people to take all their cancer out. And also give them toys.”
PS: When have you felt the most “super?”
SS: “When I read my Super Satya book! Because it’s Super Satya. And my mama wrote it for me.”
PS: Why do you love to read?
SS: “Because it makes me feel like I’m in a different world.”
PS: What’s your super power?
SS: “Having a good time!”
Ours too, Super Satya, ours too.
PS: What’s so special about Super Satya?
SS: “Well, that it’s me! And she helps people.”
Super Satya Saves the Day is available now!

Credit: Raakhee Mirchandani/Instagram

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