Not Attending a Friend or Family Member's Wedding Will Cost You

Not Attending a Friend or Family Member's Wedding Will Cost You

Saving financially when it comes to weddings may cost you the friendship.

By Marianne Garvey

Most people love weddings — unless you’re broke and really can’t afford to travel to one. In the end though, it may cost you your friendship. Yes, people get that upset.

When people RSVP "no" to the wedding of a friend or family member without a really good excuse, the marrying couple tends to end up questioning the friendship, says a new survey.

According to BankRate, “Nearly one-in-five Americans have declined a wedding invitation in the past for financial reasons.” Of those who couldn’t attend, 30 percent revealed their relationship with the engaged couple suffered as a result.

However, couples should respect financial constraints. "A person should not risk going into debt in order to celebrate the occasion with friends or family," says Bankrate analyst Kelly Anne Smith. She adds that the average a guest can expect to spend on travel and a gift is $628.

Experts say that despite risking the friendship, it’s completely acceptable to decline a wedding invite if you are trying to save or simply do not have the money. The survey found that 7 out of 9 pros agreed that financial reasons were a valid excuse to decline.

But, even when you don’t attend, you still need to shell out some money: It's good manners to still send the couple a gift.

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