Your Relationship Could Be Doomed if Your New Partner Isn't on Social Media (and You Love It)

Your Relationship Could Be Doomed if Your New Partner Isn't on Social Media (and You Love It)

What really happens when your new partner is anti-social on social media?

By Jen Glantz

A relationship is truly about everything you share with each other, from secrets and big news to life moments and day-to-day intricacies. But what happens if your partner or a person you just started dating isn’t on social media or is totally against it altogether?

Read on to find out the four ways you can tell if your new relationship is doomed because your new partner is anti-social on social media.

Your Relationship Milestones Can’t Be Shared

In this time, a big part of our connections with others is how we share things is online and, of course, on our social channels.

Jonathan Bennett, the founder of Double Trust Dating, said that, in the past, milestones were shared with family and friends in person

“You’d invite someone over to look at printed photos,” explained Bennett. “However, these days the expectation is that you show the world your treasured relationship moments over social media. And, if your partner hates social media, it’s not like your family and friends are going to all come over. Instead, they’ll just miss out.” 

You Can’t Keep Track of Your Partner

Even before date one happens, figuring out what the person you’re going to meet IRL is all about is the reason you keep your fingers crossed that they have social media. But when you’re dating the person without social media, it’ll be hard keeping tabs on each other.

“You can’t be with your partner all the time. One way to keep up with what you’re both doing is through social media, especially if you’re apart for long periods,” said Bennett. “If your partner hates social media, he or she could miss out on important parts of your life.”

It Can Hinder Communication

A big part of keeping in touch is sharing things over social media throughout the day as a way of saying, “I’m thinking about you.”

“Social media has allowed instant and constant sharing,” noted Bennett. “While this can be overdone, it also allows you to keep in contact and share your day with your partner in real time. If he or she hates social media, a lot of instant communication options (like sending photos) will go away. Texting is limited and lacks a lot of the fun of other platforms like Snapchat.” 

The Total Fear of the Unknown

If one partner is so against social media, then some fights can start to pop up over what’s going on and what they are missing.

Kiaundra Jackson, a licensed marriage and family therapist, said that your partner may start to feel worried or concerned about what goes on on social media if they are completely against it.

“The likes, comments, shares, and DMs can lead to some mistrust if your partner already has some reservations about what is going on in a place that he/she has no interest in,” said Jackson.

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