The 4 Ways You Can Tell If Someone Is Lying Over Text Message

The 4 Ways You Can Tell If Someone Is Lying Over Text Message

It's not always what you say but also how — and when — you say it.

By Jen Glantz

Gone are the days of having long conversations over the phone with your closest friends, family members, or even significant other. Now, the most important chats we have in our lives usually take place over text message, which means that you can get instant responses to questions that you have, wherever you are, and you can feel less alone, knowing that there’s a list of people you can go back and forth with about anything you want, at any time of day.

But just because we’re typing words instead of speaking words, doesn’t mean that people can’t get away with the same behaviors.

For example, lying. A person can lie to you over text just like they would over the phone, and when it happens, if it happens, it’s best to catch it ASAP, which can be easier than you thought.

Wondering if someone’s lying over text message? Here are four ways you can instantly know.

1. They Take Forever to Write Back

By now, you know people’s text patterns. Some people will write back the second you send them something, every single time you text them. Other people take their precious time, getting back to you days later, or even weeks later. If you’re texting with a person who is an instant responder and all of a sudden you notice that it’s taking them more time to craft a response to a question you’re looking for them to be honest about, there’s a good chance they're stumped, figuring out how to answer. The longer they take, the more you should be aware that their response might not be one that’s deep-rooted in the truth.

2. You See the Thought Bubbles Come and Go

After asking a person something over text that you think they might not respond honestly about, watch to see if they start typing and erasing, typing and erasing. That right there might be a sign that they aren’t going to tell you the truth or that they are hesitating while writing a response, spending the time to bend the truth, or craft a hearty lie.

3. They Switch Up Their Text Personality

Everyone has a personality over text message. Some people use the same emoji’s over and over again, others send back one-word answers, and some people like to write back with too much information, every time you ask them a question. If, all of a sudden, you start to notice that a person responds in a text tone of voice that doesn’t sound like them or they quit using emoji’s that they usually use, it can be a sign that they are hiding something from you.

4. You Sniff Out Overcompensation

Are you starting to notice that they are using a ton more exclamation points than usual or acting overly friendly or nice? Just like in person, when someone starts to act strange, the same can happen via text with overcompensation. Be wary of that when it comes through to your phone, because it can mean the person you’re texting is sending you some sort of lie.

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