The 6 Types of Groomsmen You’ll Meet at Every Wedding in 2018

The 6 Types of Groomsmen You’ll Meet at Every Wedding in 2018

Going to a wedding? Look out for these dudes.

By Jen Glantz

Weddings can be predictable, especially when it comes to the characters that you’ll meet while you’re grooving on the dance floor or in line at the open bar. But if you are a member of the wedding party, you’re in for an extra special treat, meeting groomsmen that could become memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Next time you’re at a wedding, as a guest or as part of the couple’s main squad, watch out for these six types of groomsmen that you’ll meet at every wedding in 2018.

1. The Single & Too Ready to Mingle

There’s always one groomsman in the bunch is who is single, or recently single, ready to collect the numbers of any and all single party guests. You’ll easily be able to spot this person because they usually are talking to anyone who will listen about their own relationship status and is snapchatting the bouquet toss, so that they can collectively survey who at the wedding is also single and potentially ready to mingle.

2. The Dad Who Just Wants to Party

For a dad whose free time is no longer about football games and brewery tours, but instead about diapers and baby burps, heading to a wedding as a groomsman is their night to unwind and simply put, party 'til their pants practically come off. This type of groomsman usually arrives early, accidently still wearing their baby’s burp cloth, learning, for the first time in months, that their alcohol tolerance has gone way, way down. (Better grab that burp cloth after all.)

3. The Drunk Dude Who Can’t Hang

You can usually spot the groomsmqn who is at risk of drinking too much that they might have to be carried down the aisle, because this groomsman will be the one who suggests tequila shots at 9 a.m. and doesn’t stop suggesting some kind of drinking game up until the real party starts. They don’t wait for the open bar, they bring their own flask, their own handles, and even their own shot glasses.

4. The Dating App Addict

People frequently joke that weddings are the best place to find love for yourself, since the romantic mood is often set. But there’s usually one groomsman who avoids the chance to meet their perfect match IRL and instead is glued to their dating apps, scheduling post-wedding Tinder date meet-ups, or swiping right, in between songs that the DJ plays.

5. The One-Night-Stand Man

Unlike the single-and-ready-to-mingle groomsmen, this guy isn’t looking for love or a relationship ... he's looking to not leave the wedding alone. He’ll spit out his cheesiest pick-up lines, bust out his flirtiest dance moves, and hope to keep the party going, way after the wedding is over.

6. The Gadget Guy

When the gadget groomsman shows up to the wedding, you can count on his plus one being a suitcase packed with the latest and greatest tech. He’s the one you can count on to bring the drone, the virtual reality headset, and the GoPro. He’ll make sure your wedding is covered, from all angles, and that his iPhone X photos are better quality than the ones the actual wedding photographer will snap.

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