She's the Brains: These A-List Men Date "Up" With Intellectual Women Who Work Outside Hollywood

She's the Brains: These A-List Men Date "Up" With Intellectual Women Who Work Outside Hollywood

From human rights lawyers to inventors, these guys know how to pick 'em.

By Marianne Garvey

Let’s just get this out of the way — these women may have high IQ’s, but they are all also stunningly beautiful. That’s some combo. They don’t work in the movie biz, but they meet and marry the A-list men who have pursued them for their brains (and their bods) but most their brains, and it’s refreshing to see. Usually, the red carpet is filled with octogenarians and their 22-year-old arm candy, leaving us no room to wonder about why the two are “dating.”

Here are a few of our faves when it comes to men who love a smart, successful, kick-ass career woman who doesn’t really give a hoot about Hollywood. They have bigger things to do thank you very much.

Of course there’s George Clooney, who dated a string of beautiful actresses before he was locked off his feet by International human rights attorney Amal Clooney, who friends told him the first night he met her, this is the woman you’re going to marry. And so he did.

Fashionable, gorgeous, and fighting for the rights of refugees and those suffering from lack of basic human rights, Amal looks the part, but doesn’t really care all that much about the goings on in Hollywood. In fact, she’s turned her already charitable husband into less of an actor and more of a human rights activist himself; since marrying Amal, who speaks four languages, he’s created the Clooney Foundation for Justice, continued his work with Darfur, taken in an Iraqi refugee who lives in one of their homes, and has raised countless funds for those suffering around the globe. He always says he “married up,” and he certainly did.

Benedict Cumberbatch married Sophie Hunter in 2015, with only 12 people at their wedding. They announced their engagement via a small ad in a local newspaper shortly before the wedding. Sophie likes to keep it simple instead of lavish, she’s a theater and opera director, playwright and was seven months pregnant at the the time the two tied the knot.

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul married the gorgeous Lauren Parsekian, an anti-bullying activist. The two married in 2013, had their first baby, a girl, earlier this year, and together have helped raise $1.8 million for the Kind Campaign, a non-profit anti-bullying organization. Lauren made sure winners of an anti-bullying contest she dreamed up won a trip to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screening of the final episode of Breaking Bad.

Seth Meyers is no slouch when it comes to intellect, but he often credits his wife with being the smart one in the family. In a stunning 2013 Martha's Vineyard wedding he married human rights lawyer Alexi Ashe, who had debilitating food poisoning on her wedding day and still walked down the aisle. She is the Assistant District Attorney under the Kings Country District Attorney (that’s Brooklyn for the non-New Yorkers) and a graduate of Southwestern University. They met at a wedding after Alexi’s sister, a set designer for Saturday Night Live, brought her as her guest and she hit it off with Seth, who called it love at first sight — for him, anyway.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt married Tasha McCauley, businesswoman, inventor, and cofounder of a robotics company based in the Silicon Valley. She has two degrees, speaks three languages, and the two have two kids together. Her official title is ”VP of Business Development at GeoSim Systems," and "Co-founded Fellow Robots," according to her Twitter.

You thought Brad Pitt couldn't possibly find someone as fascinating as Angelina Jolie? Check out 

MIT professor Neri Oxman, an acclaimed architect. Page Six reports the two met through an MIT architecture project and have the hots for each other.

“Brad and Neri instantly hit it off because they share the same passion for architecture, design and art," the source told the outlet. "This is best described as a professional friendship. Their friendship has not turned into romance … as both are cautious and this is, again, more of a professional friendship, but Brad is very interested in spending more time with Neri, she is fascinating.”

Interestingly enough, men who are attracted to women who outperform them in the brains department is still rare, says Psychology Today. They conclude that men being in physical proximity to someone who is outperforming them may actually feel her competence as a threat to their masculinity. But thankfully, it's not all men. They report: "Of course, there are also men and women who do not fit the pattern discovered in the research. I have seen and known many men who are close to, romantically attracted to, and in long-term, successful marriages with women who outperform them — and whom they also consider smarter than themselves."

There's also been a shift since 2015, a study called "Singles In America" found. When asked, more than 5,000 men and women said they were noticing a "Clooney Effect" taking place. 

Researcher and biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, PhD,  said that there was an attitude shift after America's favorite bachelor married Amal, and, according to her research, men admitted more they desired "smart, strong, successful women." Most (87 percent), said they'd prefer to date a woman who was "more intellectual than they were, better educated, and who made considerably more money than they did."

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