These Are the Bedroom Habits People Find Most Annoying

These Are the Bedroom Habits People Find Most Annoying

Belching and texting topped the list.

By Marianne Garvey

There is a strong case to be made for separate bedrooms.

Burping, playing with gadgets, eating in bed, it’s all happening in the boudoir. Gross. And annoying.

When asked about the bedroom habits they found most annoying, 983 people surveyed said arguing in the bedroom topped the list. Both men and women mentioned this frustration most frequently, and said fighting before bed made for a bad night’s sleep.

Other activities that got on people's nerves were eating in bed, playing on a smartphone or tablet, and drinking something other than water in bed like wine or soda.

Sorry in advance, but farts and burps also topped the list, because honestly, who wants to deal with that? Quite a few (73 percent) of female respondents reported being annoyed by their partner farting in bed, while men seemed to have less of an issue with it (56 percent). The same applied to burping: 54 percent of women were annoyed with their partner burping in bed, while 38 percent of men reported the same.

More women (91 percent) than men (83 percent) reported being annoyed at their partner for stealing the covers.

What steps did respondents take to get a more pleasant night's sleep?

Most made a rule not to go to bed angry. Others said no food and drinks in bed (54 percent), staying on your side of the bed (37 percent), and no farting (21 percent) or burping (11 percent).

When asked how often their partner followed the rules, most said “often.” Men were more interested in altering their partner's bedtime behavior, even though women tended to be the person who was more involved in establishing bedroom rules in the first place.

And, as for the last thing people do before bed, most always (31 percent) or often (33 percent) talked with their partner last in bed. Others texted or checked social media before they shut their eyes.

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