Nasty! These Habits Are a Bad Move Early on in Relationships

Nasty! These Habits Are a Bad Move Early on in Relationships

Can we not leave the bathroom door open? Thanks. 

By Marianne Garvey

How much personal space is necessary between partners? Lots, actually.

Porch surveyed over 1,000 people about their relationships to discover if embarrassing behaviors are pushing their partners away and found that couples whose marriages ended in divorce said they would act faster in showing their bad habits in a new relationship. 

“As it turns out, men might have an easier time than women with certain aspects of their relationship,” says the survey. “No matter who you are or how religiously you brush your teeth before bed, almost everyone experiences morning breath. For men in relationships, it only took five months to feel comfortable kissing with morning breath and eight months to open up about their flaws. Women needed just a few more weeks before they were willing to cross those lines, taking 8 to 12 months, respectively, before considering either behavior.”

Some findings:

People who were satisfied with their relationship waited around a year or longer before giving up on diet/exercise.

“Men also seemed more comfortable with their bodies and passing gas earlier in their relationship,” the survey says. “On average, men stopped working out one year and two months into a relationship, compared to one year and eight months for women. In either case, though, it's quite normal to put on a few pounds once in a committed relationship — most likely due to no longer finding it as important to keep off the weight.”

Women only needed to be with their S.O. for five months before it was okay to cry in front of them, yet men preferred to wait nearly a year.

Men said they let a partner pop their pimples after only 10 months of dating.

Single women said they would only wait six months to check their partner's phone, single men said they would wait one year and 10 months to do the same.

Women said they would only need to be six months into a relationship to reveal their sexual history, while single men required one year and three months.

Those who were divorced said they would do everything we examined within the first 14 months of a relationship.

“Burping, farting, and leaving the bathroom door open are probably terrifying prospects in a new relationship, but couples who have a few years under their belts know that, eventually, nothing is off limits,” says the survey. “Still, the amount of time it takes to get there can be different for everyone. Moving too fast might sometimes be a bad move, but waiting to open up about important factors like finances and sexual histories could do more harm than good.”

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