These Parents Sued Their 30-Year-Old Son to Get Him Out of the House — And They Won

These Parents Sued Their 30-Year-Old Son to Get Him Out of the House — And They Won

He's unemployed and acted as his own lawyer. Someone call Hollywood. 

By Marianne Garvey

A couple in upstate New York sued their own son, who still lives at home, to have him evicted — and they won. A judge has ruled the 30-year-old unemployed man must leave and stop tormenting his parents.

Michael Rotondo, who has been living with his parents, Christina and Mark Rotondo, shows no signs of leaving, say court filings.

“Michael, After a discussion with your Mother, we have decided that you must leave this house immediately,” reads one note they left him, signed, “Mark and Christina Rotondo.”

“You have 14 days to vacate. You will not be allowed to return. We will take whatever actions are necessary to enforce this decision.”

Their actions have included five notices to their son written between Feb. 2 and March 30, 2018, informing him he is no longer welcome in their Camillus home. They have filed suit in Onondaga County Supreme Court.

Michael ignored the notes and his parents turned desperate. Get. Out.

“Michael Joseph Rotondo, You are hereby evicted from 408 Weatheridge Drive, Camillus, New York, effective immediately,” they wrote. “You have heretofore been our guest and there is no lease or agreement that gives you any right to stay here without our consent. A legal enforcement procedure will be instituted immediately if you do not leave by 15 March 2018.

“There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you,” they add. “Get one — you have to work!”

Michael, who turns 31 in July, doesn’t work and drives around a beat up Volkswagen Passat. He’s lived at home for the past eight years. His mom filed an official eviction proceeding May 7.

Michael acted as his own lawyer and fought to have the suit thrown out, claiming his parents are legally required to give him six months notice to evacuate. However, the judge in the case instead ordered the parents’ lawyer to draft an order outlining terms of the eviction on Tuesday.

There's no word yet how long he'll have to move out but he's hoping for three months.

In the meantime, the three will still have to face each other ... back at home.

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