This Is How People Get in the Mood for Sex These Days...Hint, Avert Your Eyes

This Is How People Get in the Mood for Sex These Days...Hint, Avert Your Eyes

Like in a park. Hide yo' kids. 

By Marianne Garvey

Shield your eyes! People love getting it on in a park, field, forest or garden, says a new survey by DrEd.

They asked 500 Europeans and 500 Americans what got them going when it came to getting turned on for sex. For many that was a public place, for others it was on the beach or by the ocean. Most of these encounters happened in a car.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Since our libidos peak at different times of the day depending on our age, 71 percent of men and 75 percent of women would prefer having sex in the evening.

Keeping the lights low was also a safe bet, and more than two-thirds of European and American men and women preferred having a little background music.

“Leaving the lights on can provide visual stimulation in the most intimate ways,” says the study. “You might even see the subtle responses to making love that often get lost in the dark. If you aren’t entirely comfortable with your body, however, well-lit sex can be terrifying.

“For nearly 13 percent of men and over 16 percent of women, rhythm and blues and soul music were the genres of choice for getting in the mood, followed by jazz and easy listening. Tunes to avoid if you don’t want to ruin the vibe or distract your partner? For men, hip-hop and alternative music were the least preferred during sex, and for women, classical and electronic music earned the lowest number of votes. Additionally, almost 31 percent of men and nearly 21 percent of women preferred no music during sex.”

Most of those asked preferred temperature for getting physical was right around 68 degrees.

Both men and women said their two biggest turn-ons were being offered a massage and some flirty conversation.

For men, getting some action after a shower was a rousing opportunity, while women couldn’t resist lit candles.

Things to avoid? TV, it’s a huge mood killer especially when politics is on.

For those who are dating, American men had increased interest in getting down after they’d been on a date, and said being out and about with a love interest put them more in the mood.

For couples, celebrating an anniversary was the most likely to end in sex. Americans also were more likely to have sex after celebrating either their own or their partner’s birthday or after arriving at a holiday destination.

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