The Most Unusual Ways People Have Gotten Over Divorce

The Most Unusual Ways People Have Gotten Over Divorce

Ashton Kutcher is not the only one with an interesting tale to tell.

By Jen Glantz

When you go through a break up, the people around will you will constantly tell you to just get over it. They will push you to get out of bed, put on pants, and get your mind off of the person who broke your heart into tiny pieces. But when you get divorced, sometimes the people around you won’t know what to tell you to, and sometimes, you won’t know what to do either.

Divorce can be messy, when assets and kids are involved, and especially when another man or women are involved too. So how do you just get over it so that you can move on and be a functioning member of society and the dating pool again?

Perhaps you want to take notes from Ashton Kutcher, who dealt with his divorce from Demi Moore, by spending seven days hallucinating on Big Sky mountain with no food or water, and saying goodbye to every grudge he had been holding. Or you just want to throw yourself an “unwedding” party, like Tom D’Agostino, who was married to The Real Housewives of New York Citys Luann de Lesseps, did to celebrate their divorce.

Or maybe you want do one of the unusual things below, that these four people did to help them get over their divorce.

  • "I Lived Like a Monk for a Month"

“I was so devastated after the divorce that I didn’t want to leave my house, see anyone or talk to anyone. I felt like this because I was so embarrassed over the fact that my wife cheated on me with one of my co-workers. So I thought to myself, where can I go where people won’t ask me how I’m doing or what happened? I bought a one-way ticket to India and became a monk for a month. I had this wild spiritual awakening. Plus, I didn’t tell anyone that I was going, so I was truly off the map.” – Mike L., 43

  • "I Made It Permanent"

“I’m big into tattoos and so I not only tattooed my ex-husband's name on the back of my leg, but then I tattooed a red line over his name (so it looked like I crossed it out). Every time I thought about going back with him or calling him up, after the divorce, I’d make eyes with the tattoo and remind myself that he’s a thing of the past, that I checked off and now am ready to move on. It was my 18th tattoo.” – Helen P., 38

  • "I Blew $100,000"

“I found out my husband had cheated on me two months after our wedding! It was a nightmare for me to deal with. Before we made the divorce official, I withdrew our $100,000 savings account that we put all our wedding gifts in. I used the money for all sorts of things, a down payment on a car, a new wardrobe, Botox, and the rest I hid away. He never found out what I did with the money and he didn’t get a dime of it and that was enough to help me move on. Whenever I was pissed, I’d look at my new stuff and just sigh in happiness.” – Christy E., 32

  • "I Got A LOT of Plastic Surgery"

“A week after the divorce, I started my journey under the knife. I got a face lift, my boobs done, liposuction, a nose job, and a chin implant. I looked like a new person and felt like a new person too. It was the greatest revenge posting pictures of myself a year after the divorce and knowing that he was looking at them thinking, “I messed up big time.” But I’d never, ever, go back to him now.” – Diane K., 49

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