There's a Private Facebook Group Where People Are "Wedding Shaming"

There's a Private Facebook Group Where People Are "Wedding Shaming"

Well, it's not so secret anymore since people are actually posting with their real accounts on these Facebook Groups.

By Marianne Garvey
Wedding Shaming Facebook Group

The title alone sums it up: “That’s it, I’m Wedding Shaming.”

It’s a private group started on Facebook (which has since spread to Twitter and Instagram) where people fed up with bridezillas and tacky weddings are venting for all to read. It launched in May 2018 and has 54,000 members and counting.

“Do you know someone who became a huge bridezilla after her engagement and burned bridges with all of her friends because they wouldn't foot the bill for her wedding dress? How about that kid who bullied you in high school? Post that garbage here and let's have a laugh, my dudes.”

There are some rules if you want to let loose in the group; one, you have to cover up any identifying features like faces, names, numbers, etc (exceptions are if the image you're shaming was part of a public forum such as an ad or commercial, internet famous people, or celebrities). You can’t talk politics, and anyone posting must refrain from making comments about a person's appearance.

In one post, a woman who hates her new brother-in-law explains how her sister fainted during the ceremony, and it looked a little something like this: “At some point, while they were kneeling and reading with the priest, my sister passed the hell out. I’m sure it sucked, but it looked like she was giving the priest a BJ. She was pregnant and the dress was too tight.”

So much for following the appearance rule.

Another bitched about a 6:30 a.m. ceremony. “I’m not even up for work that early, let alone ready for a GD wedding. I get she probably wants a sunrise ceremony, but how s---ty for guests.”

The complainers are outing themselves at the risk of being found out, though. Even if they don’t identify the bride or groom, they are still posting under their own name.

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