What Should You Do If You’re Doing All the Work ... And Your Boss Is Doing None of It? (Or Taking All of the Credit?)

What Should You Do If You’re Doing All the Work ... And Your Boss Is Doing None of It? (Or Taking All of the Credit?)

Below Deck Mediterranean's Brooke Laughton told off Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier for slacking on the job.


By Marianne Garvey

There's always job drama on Below Deck Mediterranean, but one feud is brewing between Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier and Second Stew Brooke Laughton over stewardess duties and Brooke's accusations that Hannah is sailing along just like the ship they're on. 

The two met in the employee kitchen to have a heated discussion about who's cleaning more, doing laundry, and getting provisions for the charter, with Brooke telling Hannah her work output is "beyond a joke."

Who hasn't had a boss who outsources all their work to their underlings, or even takes the credit for (your) job well done? What can you do when you want to keep your job ... but also want to get credit for the hard work you've done? Workplace expert Dan Schawbel says you can't hide your concerns. 

Talk it out.

"You should sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with your manager about your concerns because they could be taking credit for your work without realizing it," Dan says.

Give them the benefit of the doubt.

"Before making accusations, [trust them]; let them become aware of their behavior and communicate how it’s bothering you," he says. 

Time to move on?

"If they continue to take credit for your work, and are unwilling to change their behavior, then it’s time to look for a new job," Dan says. "You simply can’t get ahead in the workplace if people don’t know who you are and what you’ve accomplished."

According to Forbes, when the boss takes credit, it makes employees want to work less.

“When the boss steals your glory, it's stressful and a disincentive for you to put forth any extra effort,” they report. “Recognition for great performance is equally important as is monetary reward for most employees. Just be sure you weigh the severity of the situation and pick your battles."

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