This Is Likely What Makes People Have Sex on a First Date ... and What Sends Them Running

This Is Likely What Makes People Have Sex on a First Date ... and What Sends Them Running

Besides too many drinks. 

By Marianne Garvey

A thousand single people weighed in on the best and worst case scenarios for first dates, and said what is most likely to make them go home with someone isn’t too many cocktails.

If not turned off by the restaurant choice or awkward moments in general, the night can lead to sex for some, and there were certain behaviors that led directly to the bedroom.

As a whole, men expressed more experience and enthusiasm related to first-date sex than did the female respondents. More than six in 10 men recalled getting it on with a partner after a single date. (The average person thinks eight dates is the appropriate time to wait for sex.)

For those who hooked up sooner, like on the first date, sheer attraction was the leading factors in their decision. Surprise surprise.

Women said a guy who had a respectful approach was also most important to them. Some turn-ons for both sexes included affectionate touching and a good sense of humor.

Drinking ended up backfiring for men a lot of the time, with 70 percent of female respondents saying a date getting drunk is a complete turn off. That was followed by rude comments and lack of chemistry for both sexes.

If you want to guarantee you’ll be going home alone, those surveyed said that no chemistry was the quickest way to end the date. Being rude and spending too much time on the phone also topped the list.

Both sexes preferred their date was on time, polite about money, and didn’t talk endlessly about their ex.

Did any daters regret having sex so fast?

“Regret was relatively limited, especially for our gentlemen respondents,” said the survey, adding that seven in 10 men said they had no regrets after first date sex, and that percentage was even higher among those with a positive impression of their partner after one night together.

Women had more regret, although if the date left a good impression after the hookup, the regret disappeared.

And what led to never, ever wanting to see the date ever again?

“Regardless of age or gender, our respondents were very uncomfortable with actions that usually implied more intimacy than a first date provided: getting a tattoo or crying,” said the survey.

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