Will You Be Surprised by Any of These Common Things That Make People Feel Stressed and Anxious?

Will You Be Surprised by Any of These Common Things That Make People Feel Stressed and Anxious?

Believe it or not, the same things give all of us headaches. 

By Marianne Garvey

It’s everyday occurrences that give us headaches. Traffic, traveling, a broken phone or computer, group texts, and other daily grievances were listed among the things that stressed people out the most, according to a new survey.

Surveying 2,000 people across the country about what makes them frustrated, Archstone Recovery shared their findings with Personal Space.

Some of the biggest nuisances we all have in common include:

Getting stuck in traffic

It was the biggest contributor to actual headaches, one in 10 people shared.

Work and personal finances

Issues at work and money problems were number two. Endless meetings and a deluge of emails made people nuts.

When we can stop working

Those in their 40s polled worried they were behind in their retirement savings. Nearly a third over the age of 55 had no retirement savings whatsoever.

Tourists in the way

Of those polled, only people living in New York City said tourists gave them the biggest headaches. With roughly 47 million vacationers and sightseers in the Big Apple each year, it makes sense. Plus, they walk slow.

Tech problems that can't be resolved quickly

Millennials between the ages of 18 and 29 had more tech grievances than any other generation. They were the most likely age group to find people glued to their phones aggravating enough to cause a headache, in addition to group texts.

Politics is causing stress (of course)

For Americans between the ages of 30 and 39 as well as between 50 and 59, talking about politics caused rage and stress. Wonder why.

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