Woman Left With $100 Dinner Bill After Guy Sneaks Out of First Date

Woman Left With $100 Dinner Bill After Guy Sneaks Out of First Date

There was no fighting over the bill at this table.

By Marianne Garvey

This guy needs to pick up some manners — and the tab. 

One unlucky-in-love woman was left to cough up $100 after her date dined and ditched her at a Sydney, Australia, restaurant.

After telling his date he was going to the ATM to get some cash, he disappeared on her and never came back.

Christian Avant, who owns the burger joint Milky Lane, shared the story in a post on Facebook, writing:

“If you think your Sunday’s bad, a couple just came into ML Bondi on a first date, ate and drunk heaps, he said he was going outside to get some cash out then did the runner, leaving her with the whole bill," he wrote. “Being single is fkn tough in a world full of so many immoral humans.”

He was met with hundreds of responses from people who get bad for the woman, with one writing, “That's disgusting!!! What the actual!!! Karma hunny.”

Another said, “Wow that’s rough poor chick,” and one wrote, “What a horrible human he was. Poor girl how humiliating for her!”

But the owner had sensed the date was going off the rails, and had earlier given them a free round of cocktails to loosen them up.

“There was no vibe, no energy or connection,” he told a local radio station, “but even still, it's just polite to pay your way and go separate ways and say ‘Thanks for the date.’”

In the end, the woman waited 20 minutes for the guy to return, becoming visibly upset. When it became obvious he wasn’t coming back, she called him only to find he had just blocked her number. Ouch. The restaurant staff consoled her, gave her tequila shots, and the owner gave her the meal on the house.

He also gave her a $150 voucher to return, hopefully with a better date next time.

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