Would You Quit Your Dream Job for Your Significant Other?

Would You Quit Your Dream Job for Your Significant Other?

Meghan Markle's final moments as an actress are about to air. 

By Marianne Garvey
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Meghan Markle is done filming her final scenes on Suits, reveals a new trailer for the show, which made her a star even before she hooked up with Harry. 

Prince Harry’s bride-to-be filmed her seventh and last season before she is set to marry Harry on May 19, and going forward, won’t take any acting jobs in her new role as a royal.

But is that fair?

Meghan obviously is moving on from her former life, even saying in a joint BBC interview with Harry that she was looking forward to the future, and doing charitable work with Harry around the world. She even deleted her Instagram account and lifestyle blog The Tig, because the royal family doesn’t really do personal social media pages, thank you.

The new season of the show will premiere on March 24, with the final episode airing on April 25. Meghan moved from Toronto to London to be with her future husband.

Following your dreams to become a successful actress is admirable, and Meghan made a good amount of money on her own playing her role on Suits. It’s not like she wasn’t very successful in her own right. But, if she truly feels and wants to work with charities and be Harry’s partner, then her decision is OK. As long as she’s not being controlled by him, says Dr. Elizabeth Lasky, Ph.D., LCSW.

“You should never quit a job for your partner if any part of you feels like you are being controlled by your partner. When one person has power and control in a relationship, he/she may force the other person to do things like quit a job, stop talking to certain friends, or quitting hobbies,” Liz tells Personal Space.

Which doesn’t seem like the case with Meghan at all. It just makes sense that an acting job in Toronto doesn’t fit into the role of being Prince Harry’s wife in London and talking on a much bigger role in giving back. It’s not like he’s making her sit at home and knit.

“If a partner doesn't allow you to work, this is called financial abuse,” Liz says. “It takes away your independence and keeps you dependent on your partner.”

That being said, all healthy relationships include some dose of compromising.

“It's not uncommon for a relationship to take a hit when one person has to make a big life decision such as returning to school, moving closer to someone's family, or getting a new job,” she adds. “It makes sense to me that you and your partner can decide together that one person should quit his/her job for a good reason — such as taking care of a new baby, taking care of a sick or aging family member, or for one partner to land a new job in a new place. The goal is that quitting a job for a partner should be in the service of the relationship as a whole.”

While not many people would advise just packing up and moving because you think you’re in love, if someone has proposed, plans marriage, and honestly wants you to find work and start your own life where they live, that is a wonderful opportunity to be with your partner in the same place.

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