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DJ Have My Babies's Editors discuss their favorite song title of the season.

By DJ Kandrew

Our song writing warriors have finally been whittled down to the final three as our favorite "I'm not here to make friends" contestant, Nick, got edged out by the remaining half of the showmance, Jes. Let's dive in to the penultimate episode and see how the contestants fared in their first solo challenge.

No. 1 Song Title of the Season

Oh, Scotty. "DJ Have My Babies"? Really? Maybe the pressure of the competition is getting to him (or perhaps he just really likes DJs). Even the always kind Jewel could not get behind that title. However you have to give props to Scotty for managing to produce a hook with such a good melody that this song title could be overlooked.

Also while we're glad the title and lyrics changed, we're kind of curious what sort of dance routine Scotty would have come up with for the final performance if he hadn't.

No. 1 Inappropriate Nick Comment (of This Episode)

Nick really has no problem vocalizing his, um, admiration for just about any female he deems attractive on the show, from fellow contestants to guest judges. But this week not even Kara was safe. As she heads out the door after giving him some advice about his song, he doesn't hesitate to let her know that, "I hate to see you leave, love to watch you walk away." Maybe he was trying to win her over with flattery? But something tells us Kara is more easily wooed by a well written song than complimenting her behind.

No. 1 Most Bored Ginger on the Show

All the high school students really seemed to get into listening to the contestants' songs. All of them except one red headed student who could not have seemed more bored (and unfortunately happened to be sitting right below the judges).

They just kept panning to him and he remained completely unamused the whole time. Kids were dancing, heads were bobbing, but he was having none of it. The one time his steely, gingery exterior cracked was during Sonyae's song, which was how we knew she had this challenge in the bag.

No. 1 Oddest Nausea Remedy

Nick revealed that he was so nervous this week during the judging that he actually vomited after they were sent back to the stew room. But while admitting this to everyone he was sipping on a beer... Really? We were under the impression that ginger ale was the standard stomach settling drink of choice, but hey, to each his own. Maybe getting a little tipsy helps you forget you feel sick?

Next week we're crowning a winner and the contestants simply have to write the song of their lives. No pressure or anything...

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