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'Dharma and Greg' and Bowen's Assistant Editor dishes on all the baby mama drama from Episode 1.

It's official, Bravo has a case of the babies! And since we're completely ga-ga for Rosie Pope, we're proud to welcome the Baby Talk recap to the world, which dishes on some of the best moments of baby mama drama from each episode. (We wouldn't want to over stimulate you.) So buckle up your car seats, it's going to be a (baby) bumpy ride through the Upper East Side. 

I have to say it was a little off-putting how unexcited Sarah and Jon were when Rosie showed up to design their guest room nursery. As was their fear of anything being "baby-fied" given that they were in fact having a baby. 

However my favorite part of Rosie's time with Sarah by far was when they went shopping for strollers. The sheer look of terror on Sarah's face when confronted with all the options seemed more appropriate for the Haunted Mansion than a baby boutique, but hey, we all have our phobias. And watching her jab at that Maclaren stroller in four-inch heels really drove home the whole Pregnant in Heels visual. But the best was Rosie's comment, "Sarah was not born to stroller fold." I guess "stroller fold" is a verb that's par for the course when you're a pregnancy concierge. 

Luckily Rosie was able to get them excited with a fabulous new nursery (complete with Space Invaders decals). I guess they finally gave in to being "baby-fied" after all. 

The baby name summit was some serious branding business. I was relieved they didn't carry the branding idea too far and name their child Gucci or Target. But I guess those would fall into the "decorative" category, so there's no way that would have happened. 

All of the name restrictions at the brainstorm session kind of reminded me of those problem-solving exercises you had to do in grade school where you had to fill out a seating chart and Bobby wouldn't sit next to Sally, Joan had to be next to Sally but not next to Carlos, etc. The actual list of restrictions went as follows I believe:

Easy to spell

Not too popular

No decorative names

We don't want the first letter to be a J

We don't want an E or and R

We don't want the first name to end in an S

See what I mean? Although my favorite stipulation came when someone suggested just plain old Bo, but Samantha didn't feel it was "fair to give someone only two letters." And really, would you trust a presidential candidate with only two letters in his first name? Didn't think so. 

And why was Samatha so concerned that Jenna Elfman's husband was named Bode? Was that a positive or a negative? Perhaps Samantha just wasn't a big fan of Dharma and Greg

But what really got me was that after all the brainstorming and focus groups, they still went to with Bowen. Even though it was the one name no one liked. Rosie seemed to play it cool when she met baby Bowen, but really after organizing all of that, I might of expected her head to explode into a pile of baby toys. But of course Rosie is the maternity guru, so I guess this was just another day in the life of a pregnancy concierge.    

And next week it looks like Rosie's giving one of the new daddies a taste of what pregnancy's like. Not feeling so sexy now, huh? 

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