Holy War

Holy War

Hannah relates to Michelle and Gary's issues having grown up Protestant and Jewish.

I only have one thing to say after last night's episode -- I am hereby cancelling all of my upcoming dance related auditions until I can get my moves perfected. No, but seriously, that was really embarrassing! Who knew how difficult it would be to watch myself "bust a move" even with LT's expert advice?

Other than my utter lack of dance ability, I was also amazed by how unprepared Mina was to have a baby and how unwilling she was to do any sort of work –- something that was really clear behind the scenes as well. Hopefully she is stepping up to the plate now that the baby is born, since I know it was so difficult for Rosie to try to help her become the mother her child deserved.

I also thought that Rosie really tackled the difficult religion issue beautifully with the other couple she helped this week. I am something of an expert on the confusion that can ensue, as I am a Hebrew School dropout who sang in the church choir and later got Bat Mitzvahed. Our Protestant/Jewish family celebrates Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, Passover religiously (no pun intended)! While some minor issues may have arisen during my childhood because of these dual, sometimes conflicting, beliefs, I think being exposed to two different religions has made me and my siblings well-rounded adults. If nothing else, it definitely supplied us with more opportunities to get toys than our friends!

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