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Ashlee: "I Don't Need Everyone to Love Me"

Ashlee responds to Joey's criticism over her relationship with her parents.

By Ashlee White

Anyone who knows me knows that I am best friends with my parents. I’ve never once tried to deny that because I am proud of where I come from and beyond grateful for the amazing relationship I have with my family. So in regard to Joey’s comments regarding my parents and my being disrespectful, all I want to say is that people who live in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones. I don’t care if she understands my relationships or not because I think every parent dreams that they would have such a strong bond with their kids. Joey, not only is my mom “such a cutie,” but she is also one of the strongest, most supporting and loving forces in my life.

The judgments just started spewing from Joey and didn’t stop this entire episode! She tries to tell Casey that there’s something wrong with HER because she didn’t want to talk to the disgusting tennis guy at brunch. We all know what Casey has been through. I take my friendships so seriously that I would never try to exploit someone else’s pain or get involved with their feelings. At the same time, whether or not Casey is guarded with her heart has nothing to do with Joey. Show some respect! It was time for him to go!

All weekend long, I was out to have a good time! I loved when Casey said, “So obviously you aren’t funny if you don’t like Ashlee.” I don’t need everyone to love me, but I’m certainly not going to change my personality (or hide my relationship with my parents) over some guy. I think we all heard enough of Joey’s “rules” during the scene with Emmanuel. When Chanel announces to the group that Emmanuel is my future husband, Joey looks like she might implode. Can we all agree that jealousy isn’t attractive on anyone? Also, I’m having a hard time taking advice from someone in the exact same position as me -- 29 and SINGLE! She just kept asking if he was uncomfortable. I loved when he answered, “Do I look uncomfortable?” The fact that she decided to make a scene over me calling my mom and dad is just ridiculous. Looks like her plan backfired. 

Things got really out of control when we got back from the club. I’m just taking in the whole situation and trying to lighten things up where I can. I really try very hard not to judge and I definitely try to put myself in other people’s shoes. At this point, though, we’re all just sad for Erica and feel bad that she’s not listening. I don’t want to see anyone in the condition Erica was in. I have so much respect for Casey when she puts it out there that she might be the one to help Erica. Joey again attacks her for this. The thing is, Casey is so up front with her feelings. She admitted her feelings towards Erica, but she’s a big enough person to realize that because Erica wants that friendship so bad, she might be the one to convince her to get help. 

Joey didn't offer to help Erica. I don't know what's worse: that she bashed Casey for wanting to help or the fact that she herself didn't offer to help her “close friend.” At this point, I’m thinking, "Who are your 'friends' Joey?" First, you didn’t stand up and defend Amanda at the pool party. You’ve clearly expressed your judgments on me. You’ve made digs at Casey and Chanel and now even Erica, your “friend.” I take it all personally because when my friends are hurt by your words (or smirks or eyerolls) then it hurts me as well. When I look for friends I look for genuineness. So Joey can go on smirking and I’ll go on standing by my true friends. Once again, it’s quality over quantity.

OK, for everyone who has been asking about my “sweatpants heels,” you’re finally experiencing them. Even if I’m dragging luggage down the steps, you know I’m going to be in my heels!

Chanel, please don’t feel like you are a bad host. You can’t control how everyone else gets along and it’s totally not a reflection on your character. I think we all feel lucky to have you in our lives. So wipe your tears, Chanel. You’re the hostess with the mostest!

Seeing my weight gain in this last episode really does make me sad, but not for vanity reasons. It brings me back to everything I was going through at that time with my health, and I can remember how rough I felt being on Prednisone. What picks me up is having family I can count on unconditionally and supportive friends who I know have my back. 

Next week’s episode… OMG! Can’t wait! Until then, follow me @ashleewhite23 and LIKE my fan page.

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