Ashlee: Taking the High Road

Ashlee: Taking the High Road

Ashlee explains why she called Joey "a bad person."

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all of the love you’ve been sending to me on Twitter and Facebook. It really means so much to me. I’m glad you tuned in this week and I love hearing all your thoughts! 

I especially love that you guys are getting to see more of my friendship with Casey. Best friends don’t come around every day, so I feel really lucky to have met her and built such a strong and real friendship so quickly. Chanel gets all of the credit for introducing us. Chanel and I are so similar in the way we value friends and family that I knew right off the bat that Casey and I would bond. Chanel comes from an amazing family and has been such a great friend to me. Surrounding myself with people like Chanel and Casey makes it easier to take other drama in stride. How funny were my parents meeting Casey? Of course they adore Casey and it was such a fun dinner. 

As fun as dinner with my parents and Casey was, my meeting with Joey was pretty much the exact opposite. Joey says in this episode, “I’m someone who likes to take the high road always.” Based on this initial statement you might have been thinking that we would have been able to talk things over. Well then she calls me “funny looking.” Clearly that conversation wasn’t going anywhere. It’s also clear that there’s a lot that’s gone on between us. I didn’t call Joey a bad person out of the blue, and I don’t go around picking on people or making snap judgments. Once again Joey sums up our encounter best: “I guess I’ll just dig my grave deeper and live with it.” She admits to giving me “more ammo.” Hmmm guess the “ammo” she gave me is all a part of her “taking the high road”? This ammo she refers to tells the real story of why I called her a bad person in the first place. 

Can’t wait for Sunday’s episode so you can see where it all goes from here! Keep up with me throughout the week with my latest photos and postings on all of my social media! @ashleewhite23 and on Facebook HERE.


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