Design For The Red Carpet

Design For The Red Carpet

Season 1 |
Aired: February 9, 2005

Five models, four designers, another elimination. Winner Kara picks first and sticks with Jenny, her steadfast partner since the Wedding Dress Challenge. Austin selects Martinique for the third time, looking past Olga, who modeled his celebrated cornhusk creation, and Melissa, who wore his swimsuit to a Page Six victory. Jay stays loyal to Julia, despite her absence on the last runway. The last pick belongs to Wendy, who hands her big red button to Melissa for the third straight challenge.


Like the prize in a crackerjack box, everyone has come to expect a twist in each challenge. Tim delivers this week's surprise in the form of Nancy O'Dell, host of Access Hollywood and Grammy Awards challenge client. Nancy describes her aesthetic to the group and answers their questions about color choices ("very bright") and cut ("not fitted" around the waistline). Surprise number two is "technical support," an extra set of hands attached to the eliminated but still charming Rob. Given his past difficulty with Parson's somewhat balky sewing machines, how helpful he can be remains an open question. With $300 to spend, the designers get busy at the fabric shop. Austin grabs a mix of soft blues and purples. (Is it coincidence that Austin Scarlett has yet to make anything red...?) Jay selects a pink -- though not precisely the "hot pink" Nancy told him to avoid, a risky move nonetheless. Kara is annoyed when Wendy takes a roll of iridescent orange chiffon off Kara's table and puts it onto her own. Jay attempts to reconcile his own preference for deconstruction with Nancy's need to look polished and professional on camera. Austin commits to a loose, glamorous-but-sexy evening gown.


Tagged with the "dowdy" label for two straight weeks, Wendy consciously sets out in the other direction, short and sexy. Playing up Nancy's fondness for two-piece outfits, Kara crafts a long, draping shirt over a tuxedo-inspired leather pant. The morning of the runway show, Tim is not sparing with his comments. He cautions Jay that his bodice is looking "matronly," advises Ausin not to make it "too overworked," and wonders if Kara's look might not be better off without the pants. He is most impressed with the improvements Wendy has made since the night before, pronouncing her outfit "adorable."


One more judging stands between the designers and an opportunity to show their creations at New York's Fashion Week. Which three will be IN...and who will be OUT?

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