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Brad Goreski

Oscar Madness Cont.

Brad Goreski reveals what you didn't see about the Milan trip, Ashley, and Johnny Weir!

Still Not Over It

Brad talks Emmy looks, Milan Fashion Week, meeting Donatella, getting starstruck, and more.

Last Man Standing

Brad talks about Taylor's absence, the new hire, and dressing the beautiful Demi Moore!

Gay Paree!

Brad talks Paris Fashion Week, vintage shopping with Rachel, and handling a crisis back home.

Paris Is Burning...

Brad sheds some light on the Paris Fashion Week debate that was tearing Team Zoe apart!

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Brad talks about Jasper's TV debute, Rachel's illness, and his love for the ATL Housewives!

You Can't Style A Stylist

Brad talks about joining "The Gay Cheerleading Squad" (aka The Glam Squad) for Zoe's photoshoot, and what he thinks of Taylor the bailer.

Globes Without Gowns

Brad talks about his new friendship with Taylor, the desk situation, and the stress of award shows!

Oscar Day Disaster

Brad Goreski talks about the Oscar mishaps, and his decision to quit.