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Joey Maalouf

That Signature RZ Look

Joey was thrilled for baby Skyler's first shoot and to be a part of RZ, Inc.

Sky is Everything

Joey tries to explain Rachel's hospital styling choices and his love for Molly Simms.

On Call

Joey shares how much fun he had at the Elle shoot and how hilarious he thinks Rachel's hospital wardrobe is.

Raidin' the Refrigerator

Joey shares his cereal preference and explains how "maj" this year's Oscars was.

Slumber Party

Joey lets us know why he was glad Rodger went out of town and what he thinks of Rachel's memorization skills.

Something In the Air

Joey shares why he loves life in California and Kim Kardashian.

Let It Marinate

Joey shares why he made the move to LA and how to properly shop for RZ's baby.

The It Factor

Joey explains how Rachel manages to balances it all and her infectious drive.