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Taylor Jacobson

List of Demands

It's the season finale, and Taylor's not holding back about what she wants...

In the Shade

Taylor talks Paris Fashion Week and her love of Ray Bans.

Who's The Boss?

So if Zoe died, who would be in charge? Taylor has some ideas...

Scoot Gang

She might threaten to quit, but Taylor explains why she won't leave Team Zoe!

Taylor the Bailer

Taylor talks Kanye West, negative press, and more!

Fashion Weak

Taylor explains why there's little to love about Fashion Week and the Oscars.

Brad and Taylor: BFFs

Taylor talks about her BFF status with Brad, Eva's dress mishap, and why she won't watch award shows. Except one.

Thank God It's Over

Taylor Jacobson isn't exactly devestated that the season's over.

Saving The World

Taylor Jacobson discusses her schedule, personal life, and... drinking on the job?

Ashley Fan Club

Taylor Jacobson has three points she wants to make sure come across.