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Adrienne Maloof

There is No Lawsuit Against Brandi

Adrienne wants you to know that she never sued Brandi and she wants to know why Yolanda has so much to say about her.

Faye Is on Fire

Adrienne explains why she separated herself from the group and what she thinks of Lisa's snide remarks.

I'm Not the Biggest Fan of Drama

Adrienne explains why this season has been so hard on her and why she thinks her lawsuit is different than Camille's.

Mauricio Is a Man of Integrity

Adrienne thanks Mauricio for coming to her side and wonders why Brandi still hasn't apologized to her directly.

Gaining Some Distance

Adrienne explains her supersitious side and discusses getting away from the drama.

Brandi's Target

Adrienne knows Brandi is looking to start a fight, but she doesn't engage in unnecessary drama.