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How You End Up

Dana charts her wild life and puts this season to bed.

The Beverly Hillbillies

Dana address the amount of "slut" talk and why she wishes she had been there to defend Taylor.

Dishing It Out

Dana gets in on the reunion cattiness and wonders if Lisa and Adrienne will ever get along.

On a Happy Note

Dana is thrilled the season ended with Pandora's beautiful wedding.

Why Be Cordial?

Dana discusses the drama of this season and wonders why anyone was nice to Cedric at the party.

The Truth

Dana imagines how she would have reacted to Kim's behavior and finds the irony in Lisa's poor breaking and entering skills.

Beach Bummed

Dana is disappointed she wasn't invited to Hawaii, but happy she was home to support Taylor.

Starting Over

Dana shares how she mended fences with Brandi, and why she was trying to help Kim do the same.

The Lollipop Guild

Dana gives us the details on her lollipop necklace and her preference on the dueling Las Vegas trips.

A Good Person

Dana is particularly saddened by Brandi's treatment of Taylor.