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Taylor Armstrong

Kyle Doesn't Lie

Taylor explains her thoughts on Adrienne's cowardice, her drinking, and her new relationship.

On Loyalty and Other People's Battles

Taylor makes sense of all the fighting, thinks Game Night is so last year, and wishes everyone would enjoy the vow ceremony.

The Wrong Sword for Yolanda

Taylor apologizes for her attitude with Yolanda, says why she didn't confront Dana, and wonders about Kim's behavior.

Deja Vu With Kim

Taylor explains how concerned she was for Kim and for Kyle during the Paris trip.

Kim's Not Dr. Drew

Taylor shares her struggles with alcohol and admits that she did find some good advice in Kim's intervention.

Kyle's "Dark" Party

Taylor explains why she was confused about Kennedy's whereabouts and discusses Adrienne's "human stain."

Adrienne Is a Liar

Taylor says she isn't surprised she could not get a straight answer from Miss Maloof.

Fun Times (and Drama) in Vegas

Taylor wishes she could have made the trip to Vegas -- and that she could have met Suzanne Somers.