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The Emperor Has No Clothes

Alex defends Simon and calls out the other ladies hypocrisy -- including LuAnn's hives.

Lost in the Chatter

Alex attempts to make sense of the first part of the reunion and the "special rules" the brunettes have.

Ain't Love Grand

Alex explains why she attended LuAnn's party and why she tried to run interference for Ramona.

The Big C

Alex discusses the "c-word" and why she wouldn't do LuAnn's video.

A Glimmer of Good

Alex commends Sonja's performance and lets us know if she thinks Jill is a bully.

Liar, Liar

Alex address her confrontation with Kelly and what's really out in the Twittersphere.

Shed Some Light

Alex discusses tonight's parties and the perils of cyberspace.

Arms' Length

Alex explains why she keeps her distance from LuAnn and gives her thoughts on Jill/Sonja.

Thug in a Caftan

Alex addresses her issues with LuAnn and the dinner debacle.

So Souk Me

Alex discusses her travel buddies and the Ramona and Jill debacle.