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Aviva Drescher

Aviva Says Bye for Now

Aviva thanks everyone that made RHONY Season 6 a success, and finds the good in her fellow Housewives (minus Carole).

Aviva: Leggy Blonde

Aviva dishes on her infamous leg throw saying "it’s all on the table (pun intended)" and on how the mean girls reacted.

Aviva Defends Her Asthma

Aviva is aghast by the way people who are sick are treated in Housewifeland and wonders what makes Carole so unhappy.

Aviva: Oh, Oh, Pretty Woman

Aviva thinks Kristen's a mean girl, trained by the other mean girls, and that Asthmagate is ridiculous.

Aviva: What Had LuAnn So Riled Up?

Aviva didn't invite Miss USA but she's not sure why LuAnn's so upset about it -- nor is she impressed by her attack.

Aviva Feels Bad About Her Dad

Aviva feels bad for anyone who has to deal with her father's "excruciatingly vulgar" comments, and wishes the ladies cut Sonja some slack.