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Jill Zarin

Thanks for the Memories

Jill reflects on the season's big events and discusses Ramona's AA comments.

Peace and Love

Jill gives her honest opinion about Alex's truce and Ramona's behavior.

Funny People

Jill finds the humor in last night's finale and thanks the fans for following along.

Support Systems

Jill shares why she thought LuAnn's video was so important and what she thought of the blondes sitting it out.

Moving On

Jill discusses Ally's college days and the mean tweets.

Enough is Enough

Jill cries foul on Simon's cyber bullying and Alex's friendship.

We Were Family

Jill relishes in the fun at her birthday party -- and less so in the drama that came after.

Fool Me Twice

Jill explains why she didn't invite Ramona and what "love scene" she thought was actually romantic.

Making Memories

Jill shares what she'll remember most about the riad and her thoughts on Alex's entrance.