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Bethenny Frankel


Bethenny Frankel can't find much to love about the OC ladies this week.

Grow Up

Bethenny Frankel's take on the OC ladies' wild trip to Sin City.

Hot Pink Mess

NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel explains why the OC wives were a hot pink mess this week.

Holy Tequila Batman

NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel weighs in on the Gretchen/Ryan debacle.


Bethenny Frankel can't get enough of Tamra, Jeana, and Vicki.

Getting Feisty

Bethenny Frankel's not loving new Housewife Lynne, but sees both sides of the drama between Gretchen and Tamra.

Spring Break, OC-style

Sometimes watching the Real OC Housewives makes Bethenny Frankel's brain hurt.

The Definition Of Insanity

The OC Housewives are acting like high school students, according to NYC's Bethenny Frankel.