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Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Clears Up the Facts

Gretchen refuses to endure Tamra's switching stories -- so she presents the truth for you to judge.

Tamra Could Sell Ice to Eskimos

Gretchen feels played by the way Tamra handled the Alexis situation and won't have people make false accusations.

Vicki's Karma Is a Bitch

Gretchen explains why Vicki's indiscretions are so upsetting and what she thought of Tamra's bachelorette weekend.

Gretchen is Independent

Gretchen discusses her fertility plans, her Rolls Royce, Lydia's mom, and Tamara's revealing speech.

Alexis' and Vicki's Contradictions

Gretchen explains why she won't be friends with Aleixs and wonders why the advice Vicki gave to Heather doesn't apply to Vicki.

Alexis' Changing Motives

Gretchen reflects on how her friendship with Alexis has fallen apart and explains why she reacted to Vicki the way she did.

Alexis' Surprise

Gretchen is happy to see Alexis in a good place, but still wary of Vicki's behavior.


Gretchen ponders how friendship changes and answers your questions about this season.