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Peggy Tanous

A Roller Coaster

Peggy shares her thoughts on her first reunion and the end of her friendship with Alexis.

Getting Ugly

Peggy comments on her first season, the big fight, and her confrontation with Alexis.

Luncheon Turned Sour

Peggy tells us about her Vegas trip and shares her thoughts on Alexis' preview party.

When in Rome

Peggy enjoyed her time in Texas, but wasn't too pleased with Alexis' behavior.

Getting Buzzed

Peggy talks about the trip to Temecula and her awkward moment with Vicki.

Dinner Party Drama

Peggy expresses her disappointment with Alexis and Jim.

Back in the Saddle

Peggy talks about her return to the runway (and her crazy arm).

Love Matters

Peggy addressed Micah's comments about the secret to a happy marriage.

Identical Twins

Peggy explains why she needed to get her breasts done and addresses Alexis' comments.

Not a Follower

Peggy talks about her daughters' modeling and explains why she was chatting with Vicki.