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Let Them Eat Cake

Sarah thinks Housewives in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Let Loose

Sarah is glad the ladies were able to take such an amazing trip.

Fight for This Love

Sarah doesn't want Gretchen and Slade to give up on their love.

Finding a Co-pilot

Sarah congratulates the happy couple and wishes them a great life together.

Giving It Back

Sarah is glad she made peace with Vicki and that the girls seemed to get along for Gretchen's performance.

Viva Las Vegas

Sarah hoped the Vegas vibes would keep Pussycat Doll weekend drama-free.


Sarah questions Heather's questions about Alexis' finances, food, etc.

Last Call

Sarah explains her point of view of the bowling debacle.

The Pink Elephant

Sarah shares her thoughts on this week's episode -- and teases her confrontation with Vicki next week.

Let Faith Shape Your Future

Sarah discusses Heather's business plan and the ladies' strengths in the face of adversity.