Is This the World's Most Massive Pizza Slice?

Is This the World's Most Massive Pizza Slice?

With slices like these, who needs a whole pie?

By Laura Rosenfeld

A little pizza would make anyone happy, but a giant pizza slice is about as close to ecstasy as you can get. A young Philadelphia Flyers fan demonstrated exactly that during the pro hockey team's game against the Columbus Blue Jackets Saturday, as you can see captured by the NHL's official Twitter account, below.

"Is she going to eat that entire piece of pizza?" one commentator asksβ€” the question we've all been wondering as we ogle the clip. "That's a dinner, to say the least," another commentator observes. You think?

We doubt this little lady is ever going to forget eating this massive slice of pizza, nor should she. But in case she does, the magical moment has now been immortalized forever on the Internet, allowing the world to live vicariously through that lucky kid.

We're guessing the pizza came from Lorenzo's in Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center, just in case vicarious eating isn't going to do it for you.

We hate to think like adults in this situation, but seeing this huge slice does make us wonder why there's never been any move to regulate the size of pizza slices, a la the proposed big-soda ban in New York that grabbed headlines a couple of years ago. On second thought, forget we said anything.

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