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#RelationShep Bracket: Who From The Final Four Should Win Shep's Rose?

There are only four lucky ladies left, but who should Shep choose? Vote now!  

By Rachael Roberts
Tension Between the Girls Explodes on RelationShep

With a surprise party crasher, a tearful confrontation, and a girl leaving the RelationShep beach house"Shepard had quite a fourth week in his search for love. Just when he thought he had gotten to a good place with all the ladies in Charleston, Summer from Dallas showed up unannounced hoping to enter the race for Shep's heart. Unfortunately for her, she was turned around at the door.

Jealousy also finally poked it's head out when Peyton confronted Shep about starting a real RealtionShep with the younger 21-year-old Kylie (who is actually 22, but that's neither here nor there). Plus, many of the relationships moved forward with deep conversations, stolen first kisses, and 

Peyton, 27

After that drunken clash about Kylie, it seemed that maybe Peyton's connection with Shep could be over. However, the two were able to have a very "healthy" conversation the next day and moved on with a kiss. Peyton is definitely still a top contender for Shep's heart. But do you think she's the one? 

Kylie, 22

While she may be young and inexperienced, Shep realized this week that it gives him the opportunity to show her the world - "like Aladdin." What more could a guy want than to be Prince Ali? 

Priscila, 34

It was a big week for Shep and Priscila's connection - they had their first kiss. Shep was also  very impressed with Priscila's "badass" reaction to all the drama in the house. Could she be the mature, level-headed ying to Shep's yang? 

Bella, 23

Bella got Cameran Eubanks's stamp of approval this week - Cam thought she was the best fit for all the remaining gals for Shep. Plus, the pair went on a very romantic date stealing kisses along the streets of Charleston. But, with work calling her back to New York, is she still in the running? 

With only four women left, Shep Rose has quite a decision on his hands. Who do you think he should pick to be his Charleston sweetheart? 

Get a sneak peek at next week's episode now: 

Aw, Shep Rose Really Just Wants to Be Loved
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